Meet The Plant Dood’s

Meet Kelsea , the Owner of the Plant Doods from Queen Creek AZ. We love her. We love her family and the funny thing is WE JUST MET back in October at our first market! But we would say she is a part of the family at Marana Made along with so many other Small Businesses from Arizona! This month we want to feature Kelsea because we have felt inspired by her “WHY” .

Working with her has been so fun! She inspires us to do what you love, to create a safe space with your product and then to connect with others through that product (in this case plants & doodles). Oh and of course our favorite thing that Kelsea strives to do is to be kind. We couldn’t agree more with her that mental health matters and when we surround ourselves with the GOOD in life . We can do GOOD things and HARD things. Running a Small Business is HARD. She is lifting those around her and even at times when she might not feel that she is doing enough (because we all feel that at times)  she is STILL making a difference in the lives of those who surround her! So today we join her in lifting others and eachother in this thing we call life ! Not everyday can always be a perfect day , but when we are surrounding ourselves with the good in life , the bad gets easier!

The Plant Doods is so much more than a plant business! It is a dream , it is REAL LIFE , it is taking the good things in life and making something of it! We grow as we continue to strengthen our minds , bodies and spirits and grow in this thing called life! If you are looking for a safe space to grow , to change to be better then start looking around you . There are GOOD people to surround yourself with and to help lift you and we are so excited to be in a community of so many like Kelsea & the Doods! So check out her Instagram and purchase one of her plants as a reminder of the GOOD. Kelsea is now donating a percentage of all profits to various mental health organizations throughout the country.

This is why we LOVE what we do and LOVE learning the “Why” behind these wonderful small businesses!